Matekula Country Retreat

Fly Fishing.

The river fishing consists of 4 km's of river fishing with 16 weirs, with some of the lower stretch being wide enough to fish with light rods. Several pools are suitable for up stream dry fly fishing and the river is regularly stocked with rainbow and brown trout. Due to the clarity of the water some fish do spawn and smaller naturally bred fish are sometimes caught. Many fishermen return their catch and fish barbless but you are not obliged to do so, although the size limit is 2lbs. The banks and access paths to the river and pools are well maintained by the maintenance team, and having been sympathetically designed and created several years ago, are well established and yet retain their natural beauty.

For the fisherman who is prepared to be a little more adventurous there is also a stretch of wild of river fishing through the neighboring SAPPI forest of an additional 3 km's which is leased annually, and a largely unexplored stretch of river holding yellowfish in the main river at the bottom of the valley.

The dam fishing.There are 12 crystal clear dams of various different sizes and shapes which provide some challenging and interesting still water fishing. They are well established so the reed beds and water weed provide excellent habitat for the aquatic insect life, which can give large hatches of sedge fly and other insects leading to spectacular evening rises. On the larger dams kick boats can be used to approach the less accessible water near banks and reed beds but most of the dams are easily covered with light tackle and rods of between 7 and 9 foot. Spotting and stalking fish is regularly practiced by the more successful fishermen and long casts are not usually required. The water quality is excellent and the trout therefore thrive and are usually full finned and in top condition.

The Valleys, and Wildlife.

Matekula is not just a fly fishing destination and there are lots of other things to do in these beautiful valleys. Walks, hikes and mountain biking start right from your door step and exploring the estate and its completely unspoilt kloofs and indigenous forest is challenging and very interesting. The bird life is superb and good binoculars are essential to enjoying the many different species that exist here, ranging from Black Eagles through to various kingfishers and the more unusual species such as the Norina Trogan and Knysna Loerie.

A birding list is available from the estate manager and manageress.

Matekula is now enclosed within a game fence that surrounds the property and a few smaller neighbouring properties. The total area fenced is about 5000 hectares in all and the game roam over the entire reserve. In addition to the indigenous species found over the entire property such as mountain reedbuck, duiker, bushpig, bushbuck, baboon and vervet monkey, within the fenced area there are zebra, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, waterbuck, kudu, blesbuck and impala. Over the last 12 months there have been some even more unusual sightings by syndicate owners. Serval cat has been seen several times, genets have been spotted even during the day and brown hyena have also visited. Leopard have also been sited on the estate.