Matekula Country Retreat

Fishing Rules:

  • The usual fly fishing etiquette and common curtices are observed.
  • No more than four rods from any lodge may fish at any given time.
  • The number of fish taken is limited to 12 per lodge per weekend, or four per day.
  • Barbless fishing is encouraged to lessen the chance of injury to fish returned.
  • Fish under two pounds or 16 inches (400mm) should be returned.
  • Not more than two fish should be removed from a weir before moving on to the next weir.
  • 'Catch and release' will apply to any fish caught in the river between the waterfall on the northern boundary of Matekula and the road bridge in line with site 14.
  • Upstream fishermen have the right of way to fishermen moving downstream.
  • If a fisherman occupies a weir, it is to be by-passed and under no circumstances approached by a second fisherman (or a walker), even at the opposite end or bank.
  • Please do not fish immediately in front of a lodge that is occupied unless it is your own.
  • Fish may not be fed pellets or be artificially attracted.
  • Matekula is strictly for fly-fishing only.
  • Spinning is not permitted.
  • No quad bikes allowed due to noise pollution.
  • Fishing record sheets must be completed as these will assist in stocking the river
  • Each shareholder shall be entitled to allow another person to exercise the rights of use of the fishing rights in his lodge provided that the shareholder shall at all times remain bound to each and every provision of this agreement, and provided that the estate manager has been notified.
  • Fishing hours will be from dawn to dusk. No night fishing will be permitted.