Matekula Country Retreat
Tucked away in the foothills of the Drakensberg mountain range near Machadodorp in Mpumalanga Province lies an area of unspoilt splendor. It is here, in a pristine and secluded valley that Matekula lies. Taking it's name from Nguni for the "the place of laughing and talking waters", this is the beautiful setting for one of the countries finest fly fishing estates.

Matekula Country Retreat is just 2 ½ hours drive from Johannesburg. And its lodges are superbly appointed, beautifully furnished, equipped and serviced. Arrive with your rods, food and drink and relax. Security is excellent too with only one access road into the valley, past the guardhouse. So it's an ideal place for children and bikes.

There is planning permission for only 10 lodges in all on the 1600 hectare estate and each lodge is very private. Matekula has extensive and superb fly fishing in a variety of streams, weirs and dams. A stretch of wild river fishing is also leased annually from SAPPI. Matekula also has endless mountain views, pristine indigenous forest waiting to be explored and numerous waterfalls, and is where one can enjoy stunning walks and hikes. The estate is also game fenced and several species of antelope can be spotted, and the mountains and rivers are home to many species of birds.

It's hardly surprising that Matekula has become known as one of the top fly fishing and country weekend destinations on the escarpment.